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When you move house or even office, there is usually some down time, and for some people it can be longer than expected. If you’re moving interstate and have sold your house, but haven’t exactly found the right one interstate, you’re going to have to organise some type of storage plan. You have a few options when it comes to storage, but dependent on your personal circumstances. However it’s advised you properly look into storage options before the last minute, as you also need to consider prices etc.

You storage options and circumstances:

If you looking at long term storage option for your furniture then you can seek out the option of a storage unit. This storage option is suitable for a few different circumstances.

  • If you’ve cleaned out your house ready for moving but found you have a lot more furniture and items than you thought, this is perfect.
  • Another circumstance could be that you’re only moving for a temporary amount of time and don’t require all your storage.  In this case this storage option can be the perfect option, just make sure you check out the security of the storage provider.
  • Some people just don’t have enough room in the new house they’ve bought so they need permanent storage. Or like most people who hire a removalist company, you can just make use of their storage service.
  • Most removalist companies will have their own storage facility for the time period when you between houses, or offices. At a fee you can make use of these company owned facilities, so it depends on how much you’re willing to spend on a removalist company.

All in all, your storage needs and requirements are going to differ to other people. You may have different personal preferences, and security ideas for your belongings, as well as a budget.

Some people can get away without the need for storage during removals periods; however hiring a removalist company will probably be a bit easier in terms of organisation.  Make sure you thoroughly think about your storage needs ahead of time to ensure you’re not left palming furniture off to relatives.