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When you’re busy looking into the many different tasks that need to be completed when moving house you can become extremely overwhelmed, especially when you need to decide what professional help you’ll require. During your planning you’ll need to decide on how much money your willing to hand over to professional moving companies, and this will depend highly on individual circumstances.

If you know you’re running behind schedule and it’s getting close to the moving date then you may need to hire a removals company to handle the packing process. Or if you know ahead of time that you’re not going to have the time or assistance to get your belongings packed, paying for a packing service can be a worthwhile investment.

If you’re unfamiliar about what a packing service actually entails then it’s going to be hard to decide whether you require the assistance. Let’s take a look at the packing service elements, the positives, and negatives.

What does a packing service generally involve?

A packing service can be different for each company but there are general commonalities amongst all. However make sure you contact a few companies if you want a packing service to include the aspects you require and at the right cost for individual budget.

  • Pack up the entire house contents within a day (something you couldn’t achieve by yourself), or within a few hours
  • Companies will generally utilise different box types designed specifically for different items and objects
  • Additional unpacking service for those who don’t have the time to get everything unpacked once moved into new home. (Includes setting up different rooms according to specific training)
  • Some companies will include a cleaning element in their unpacking services (including dusting, mopping, vacuuming and more!).
  • Assembling and dissembling furniture. You can have your furniture dissembled when packing up the old home, and assembled once moving into your new home.

Pricing and Budget

When it comes to pricing of the packing services companies will generally have some base rates according to how many hours it will take and how many packers will be involved. Some companies will provide you options on how many packing people you want, and some will let you know how many will be required. Usually a professional removal company will provide you a quote based on consultation on site and also estimates over the phone.

You’ll find that some companies will be more flexible than others so you’ll need to put the time into researching the prices before committing to a company. If you’re on a budget then make sure you let the company know and they might be able to sort out more personalised arrangements.

Make sure you take a serious look at what your circumstances are and what you need before you commit to packing services, or DIY packing. Every family and individual is different; there is no right way to decide on packing.