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One of the main concerns when moving house is the safety of our most precious belongings, such as our collectibles, antiques and electronics. If you want extra care taken to ensure your valuable belongings aren’t ruined when you move house then there are some methods which ensure maximum safety. However it’s impossible to prevent disasters from occurring sometimes, but we can fight this outcome. What you need to do is research, and conduct some calls.

What type of materials and packing resources can prevent disaster?

Available in selected stores and from your removalist company are high grade packing materials. Many different types of boxes exist, ones that a small and compact, for small antiques. Or you can get boxes that are sculpted exactly to fit in your beloved plasma television. It’s amazing what type of boxes you can find if you make the effort to hunt around. You can also find all sorts of bubble wrap that can line the boxes, a handy and very effective protective measure.

Your own wrapping measures are beneficial

You can easily find special wrapping tissue to cover all those small valuables that need extra padding. If you wrap all your small and medium belongings in tissue paper then you’ll prevent chipping or small cracks. Although tissue paper is won’t do the job if the item is pressed heavily or hit against a hard surface, it can still break. If you wrap your belongings in tissue and then place them in hard industrial boxes this may be the ultimate form of protection.

Labelling is a definite Must!

Unfortunately you can wrap your collectibles in the best material and tissue but still have the misfortune of a break. In order to keep your removalist on the ball and informed you should discuss in full what needs to be taken care of with special consideration. You must also label efficiently and succinctly. If you have correct labelling this can ensure your removalist is acutely aware.

Maybe just take the valuables in your own hands?

Probably the process that makes the most sense when looking after your valuables is to just take your small valuables with you during the move. Although large items are going to be a hassle, you can still ensure all those small valuables are in your own hands.

When you’re moving house it’s always going to be a stressful scenario, one in which you need to let go, and trust those around you. When it comes to your most valuable possessions you must take a few steps to ensure their safety.

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