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tips/tricks for moving your home/office

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When you decide to move house it’s an exciting, yet stressful scenario. You go from imagining your new house layout, to thinking about packing up your old house. Some of us have large items that are both heavy and awkward to move, this means you need to call in the professionals. If you want to ease the load on yourself, and your family, then the best way to move house is to use people who have the right tools to get your stuff packed away efficiently. Choosing to go at it alone can work for some residents but most likely you won’t have the industrial equipment to get everything sorted.

So what do the professionals use? What are the pieces of equipment that make their job look effortless? Your team of moving professionals will have standard tools and resources, but equipment can vary with every company.


Dollies and Hand Trucks:

When moving house a professional moving or removals company will have their own type of dollies or hand trucks, ones that can get all your heavy lifting swiftly onto the moving truck. Every dolly and hand truck will have its own weight category and wheels. As you know there are a variety of furniture pieces and belongings that will not suit one type of dolly.

Mattress Carts:

Like your dollies this type of removal equipment is built to make moving mattresses onto the moving truck. With the mattress cart around two mattress can fit, or more, depending on the style of cart.  In some cases professionals may not use these, as other equipment can complete this job.

Walk Boards:

As you can probably guess by the name, a walk board is simply the industrial strength platform which allows the workers to move your furniture from your house onto the trucks. Moving platforms will prevent any injuries or accidents, and there are many types.

Other tools and equipment include: crate carriers, trucks, general box types (some professionals will supply, some won’t).

Although it’s not necessary to go through all the equipment that a professional will use when your house belongings are being moved, it is sometimes good to know for peace of mind.  Knowing what your professional removals specialist is using will allow you to understand the removals process further.