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Are you moving house and need to move a valuable piano? If you are a piano owner you are well aware of both it’s worth and sentimental value. Some owners rarely use their piano, but still want to keep it during a move, which is quite understandable. Moving house around the corner, or interstate, a piano still needs a lot more attention than other belongings. Not only is it heavy, but it’s also awkward in shape, and very detailed. It’s important that if you decide to move out the piano yourself that you make sure you use appropriate tools and safety measures. In most cases organising a professional removalist to transfer your piano, is a worthwhile investment.

Your piano is worth a lot of savings:

Think prices like $2000, 8,000, 10,000 or more, depending on brand and quality.

Tips for Piano Removal:

Measurement and Organisation:

Firstly you will need to look at where you piano is in your current house, in comparison to where you want it to go. You should know what the layout of your new house looks like, and have an idea where it should go. You’ll need to consider who in your house will predominately be using it, or if it’s just a visual component, look at where you can display it. If you want your piano to be a prominent aspect of your home then make sure you place it somewhere that will easily fit in with your design. You also need to consider access points of the new house.

Get your buddies on board!

If you’re not going to organise for the furniture removalist to help with your piano then make sure you get some fit friends on board. You’ll require a group of injury free friends who can help lift and manoeuvre the weight of the piano. Also,  there is certain risk that comes with the help of friends, as this kind of activity can result in injury if not co-ordinated with efficiency. You need provide all your friends firm instruction on what they are lifting, where, and on what angle. Make sure you have reliable friends who will take the job seriously, as there is nothing worse than a joker when you’re handling fragile items.

Having the right tools and resources:

If you don’t hire a removalist to get your piano moved you’re going to be without the right equipment for the job, as many removalists have specialised equipment. If you go at it alone it’s important to make sure you have the right resources. Strapping is important in order to keep the piano steady, and the lid closed. Blankets and towels are good to wrap around the piano, avoiding any chipping if knocked. Find as much padding as you can in order to protect your beloved piano. You should also look into anything with wheels to get your piano onto your moving vehicle. Perhaps a dolly may suit? Make sure your piano lid is secure because the keys are very fragile and losing them is going to be costly.

Make sure that you consider all the work involved in moving a piano to another location. If you think it’s going to be a quick and easy task, it’s not. If you have all the preparation in place then it can go smoothly.

It’s an option that will provide less work, but it’s entirely up to the individual. Many people can undertake the task without any hassle.

Choose a piano removal solution that’s right for your peace of mind, health and budget.

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