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tips/tricks for moving your home/office

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When you’re in the midst of moving office or home there are some things that need a little more care and thought. If you’re a large business then you are going to have many desks and office chairs. Alternatively if you’re at home there are many shaped pieces of furniture. Both scenarios require serious thought on logistics and safety. Furniture is heavy and so you need to make decisions on whether you are going to utilise friends, or make full use of a removals company.

Some things you need to consider:

Does your furniture fit through the exits of your office or home?

If you have all different types of furniture then it is likely that some pieces of furniture won’t be able to physically fit through exits as they are. You need reflect on how this furniture was placed into your property, and whether you need help with lifting. In some cases you will need a great number of people to help, as sometimes furniture will need to be lifted high into the air to get around tricky corners. Or in some cases you will need to dismantle furniture. If a lot of your furniture needs to be dismantled then make sure you work this out prior to organising a removalist. You don’t won’t to be left wasting time dismantling furniture when you finally realise it needs to be done, make sure you look at all your exits and furniture as soon as possible. Make sure you plan the way in which you’re going to get the furniture out of the house, measuring doors and exits.

How to wrap and pack your furniture: the procedure.

When attempting to wrap and pack your furniture you need to make sure you have both the right techniques and materials, otherwise you can risk some real damage to your more fragile furniture. Ensure you have materials like cardboard, bubble wrap, thick packing tape, and newspaper will be useful too. Blankets are often used to wrap your furniture also. You’ll also need some thick marker to make sure your labelling is obvious.


-Edges of all furniture such as tables, chairs, glass should be carefully wrapped and stuck with bubble wrap.

-All items should be then lined with flat cardboard boxes for maximum protection, which will need to be secured by strong packing tape.

-Glass needs extra care so wrapping this with more cardboard boxes and newspaper will help. Label these “fragile”.

-At all times where possible make sure you disassemble things and wrap separately, it will provide greater protection.

All movement of furniture will be taken care of by your removals specialist; however you should go to the effort of securing your furniture as much as possible before they arrive. It doesn’t hurt to be too careful.