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tips/tricks for moving your home/office

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Is your company planning on moving office? If you’ve found a place to move your company office and are ready to set in motion the plans then make sure you have all the basics covered. Moving office can be a stressful task, and this is why there needs to be firm plans in place. You’ll need to make sure there is clear communication amongst management and employees. In some cases you may need a removals company to step in and help if the office is large, or full of lots of furniture. Make sure you consider all the pros and cons of using a removals company or attempting to do it all yourself.

What is the mental work that needs to be considered?


When you choose to move office you need to have some solid plans and structures in place. If you fail to plan the details of the physical requirements then you can find that the process can interrupt the business workings.

-Consider the space you have bought, and the space you once had. If you have smaller space then you may need to adjust size of facilities, offices or open space.

-What needs to stay, and what can go? If you believe your company has a lot of accumulated junk then its best that you write a list of what needs to get thrown. In a way this process can benefit the company in many ways.  You could find equipment to sell. You can find things you forgot you had. It can also just be a major clean up for the company.

– Organising the staff and sharing the load. If there are a number of things to sort out, which requires more than one mind, assign tasks.  If everyone has detailed knowledge of what needs to occur than this can help with getting things done more efficiently. Don’t be afraid to give everyone tasks, as most people will want things to run smoothly.

– Amenities and electrical work needs to be heavily planned to ensure that business won’t be interrupted by this work.

– Constant communication in the way of notice board updates and emails is essential in co-ordinating the move with employees.

Making sure you plan every step of the move will ensure that you can carry on with the physical elements without needing to think any further. It can prevent arguments on the day of the move and allow employees to have a strong peace of mind.