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tips/tricks for moving your home/office

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Are you making the big move interstate? No matter how technologically advanced our world is becoming there are many ways in which the system can fail us, and usually it’s when we need things to stay together.

In order to properly prepare yourself for moving interstate then you really need to get your thinking cap on, and designate a time where you, and another person, can get together. It’s better to make a list of all the things that need to be considered when you have someone by your side. You are more likely to get a better list when you have another brain on the job.  However here are some things that will crop up.

What you need to consider before making the move…

Legal and paperwork:

When you move interstate, like if you move anywhere, you need to make sure you rectify your listed address.  Although it’s not a complex task it can still take a while for this to be processed, which means you need to get on top of this as soon as possible, or you could likely forget.

Cut down the load:

When moving interstate everything will cost more, so make sure you reduce costs at all corners. Included in your costs will be the transference of your belongings, so make sure you set aside time to go through everything. Travel through each room and sort out with your family what can be palmed off to relatives, or just simply taken to the tip.  You’ll feel a lot better about the move if you’re not being dragged down by unnecessary belongings.

Quarantine Issues:

Something people could miss when they’re organising an interstate move is the laws and regulations regarding the state borders. Quarantine differs slightly through the states in Australia so make sure that what your packing won’t come back to bite you. Although you are unlikely to have too much trouble with quarantine issues, it’s still better to play it safe and look over the restrictions.

Pack extra careful:

Make sure that you remember that because you are moving state the transit of certain items may be in danger, it’s just better to be safe. In order to prevent any of your items being damaged in transit make sure you ensure all fragile or loved items are safe in their boxes. You can never have too much bubble wrap.

Call a suitable removalist:

Of course, most people will remember to call a removalist, but make sure you closely research the services they offer. Calling a removalist that deals with interstate removals is fairly simple, but make sure you are contacting a company that does offer this service.

These are a few of the things you need to consider before moving interstate, but you’ll find as you go that more things will pop up. Remember that if you have pets you also need consider this important issue, you want your loved family pet handled with great care.