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When you decide to sort through all your belongings when you’re moving house there isn’t room for extras. However there are some items that you aren’t allowed to take at all, and that a removalist won’t pack. Some items cannot be taken due to safety and some due to other reasons. It’s important that you research and find out if you can take certain items that you are sceptical about, or you may be caught out.

What are some of the items you can’t take with you?

Explosives, hazardous goods and combustibles:

These items are things you definitely can’t take with you when you move house, due to safety reasons. Most of them are self-explanatory and logical, so just have a quick reflection of these items.

–          Fireworks

–          Paint Thinners

–          Acids

–          Car Batteries

–          Weed Killers

–          Fuels

–          Chemistry Items

–          Liquid Bleach

–          Ammonia

–          Pool Chemicals


If you’re moving locally then you will desire to keep some of your un-used perishables, so make sure you take this yourself, you can’t get a removals company to take these. Get friends involved in helping you with these items. If you’re moving interstate or overseas, you obviously cannot take perishable items.

You also need to make sure of your valuables; you can refer to removing antiques in a previous post.