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Moving house means co-ordinating a long list of jobs and activities, many that will cause stress. However what we don’t realise before the packing up process is how much junk  has accumulated throughout the years. If you’ve only lived in your home for a short while then you may not have as much rubbish and also if you’re incredibly neat.  However almost every person or family that moves house are completely surprised at the amount of rubbish they have.

Before you decide to pack the house there needs to be a few days set aside for sorting out your junk, from your necessities.  You should make sure you get a plan in place that can effectively separate your items, and here are a few ideas that may help you along.

What I can do to sort rubbish from the necessities…

Getting your rubbish sorted and your belongings means coming into the work with a clear strategy, and there are many ways you can strategise.

-One way you can sort this out is by clearing out one room to dump the rubbish into. If you clear out one room then you can then go through every other room and moved the rubbish easily to one central sport. You can save yourself confusion. If you pick a room closest to where rubbish will be removed then that also makes it a more efficient process.

– Another option is making the veranda or back porch the designated rubbish spot. As this leaves any mess from being inside you may like this option a little more.  However with this option you need to make sure that all your rubbish can all fit.

-You should designate an entire day, depending on how many people you have on board to help, on the garage or shed.  Usually the garage or shed is where most of our junk will end up, as this is the safe in between space between completely throwing out something, and keeping it.  In there you’ll be surprised at how many items are gathering dust and tangled in spider webs, old exercise equipment is a common feature.

-In order to get an efficient and stress free rubbish clean up completed there needs to be equal manpower to the actual number of items. If you live by yourself or with one friend, then you can easily split the workload. Families can make things a whole lot easier if every family member looks after the clean-up of their own room.

Your next step…getting the rubbish out of your house

Once you have sorted out all the belongings in your house, and have a firm idea of what needs to be removed, it’s time to call a reputable rubbish removalist. You’ll find a lot of removalist companies have a rubbish removal service, which is a great option. If you choose to go with a removalist company then for both the removals and rubbish then you only have to deal with one company, which will be a certain advantage. You need to create less work for yourself as possible.

Packing up rubbish and getting the rubbish out of the way will be a process that is quite time consuming, make sure you strategise.