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In a previous post, on the topic of office removal, we discussed the planning and forethought that needs to be in place before an office relocation occurs, now we look at a few of the physical elements. At this point in time the physical work should be the least of your worries in the process.  Fingers crossed this will go smoothly for all involved.

All the muscle involved…


Physical elements of moving office may be outsourced by a removals company, but in some cases the physical work may be completed by management.

-Organising a removals company is part of the physical work required to get the move happening. If you’re a large business then a removals company is a very wise investment. However if you’re a small company you will need to make sure you can handle all the labour required to get things moved.

– Actual clean up and pack up needs to be a joint effort, especially if there is personal belongings involved. Everyone will desire a say in what is thrown and what is kept, so make sure there’s a time where everyone can be involved.

-Setting up the new place should not be a lengthy procedure unless there is heavy and awkward equipment involved. All you need is enough time to carefully place everything where it needs to go, which should have been organised prior to the move.

-Setting up wiring should occur before the move is underway, and employees step into the building. However setting up computer systems with the new wiring may occur whilst you have settled into the office, as long as this has been planned, and agreed upon.

All in all the physical work is where things may go wrong, even with plans in place, so you must be prepared with some secondary plans.If you cover all the basics and get the move organised about 3-4 months prior then you should be able to pull off a successful office relocation.