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Investing In Professional Packing Services

When you’re busy looking into the many different tasks that need to be completed when moving house you can become extremely overwhelmed, especially when you need to decide what professional help you’ll require. During your planning you’ll need to decide on how much money your willing to hand over to professional moving companies, and this will depend highly on individual circumstances.

If you know you’re running behind schedule and it’s getting close to the moving date then you may need to hire a removals company to handle the packing process. Or if you know ahead of time that you’re not going to have the time or assistance to get your belongings packed, paying for a packing service can be a worthwhile investment.

If you’re unfamiliar about what a packing service actually entails then it’s going to be hard to decide whether you require the assistance. Let’s take a look at the packing service elements, the positives, and negatives.

packing 1

What does a packing service generally involve?

A packing service can be different for each company but there are general commonalities amongst all. However make sure you contact a few companies if you want a packing service to include the aspects you require and at the right cost for individual budget.

  • Pack up the entire house contents within a day (something you couldn’t achieve by yourself), or within a few hours
  • Companies will generally utilise different box types designed specifically for different items and objects
  • Additional unpacking service for those who don’t have the time to get everything unpacked once moved into new home. (Includes setting up different rooms according to specific training)
  • Some companies will include a cleaning element in their unpacking services (including dusting, mopping, vacuuming and more!).
  • Assembling and dissembling furniture. You can have your furniture dissembled when packing up the old home, and assembled once moving into your new home.

packing 2

Pricing and Budget

When it comes to pricing of the packing services companies will generally have some base rates according to how many hours it will take and how many packers will be involved. Some companies will provide you options on how many packing people you want, and some will let you know how many will be required. Usually a professional removal company will provide you a quote based on consultation on site and also estimates over the phone.

You’ll find that some companies will be more flexible than others so you’ll need to put the time into researching the prices before committing to a company. If you’re on a budget then make sure you let the company know and they might be able to sort out more personalised arrangements.

packing 3

Make sure you take a serious look at what your circumstances are and what you need before you commit to packing services, or DIY packing. Every family and individual is different; there is no right way to decide on packing.


Down Time Before Moving:Storage

When you move house or even office, there is usually some down time, and for some people it can be longer than expected. If you’re moving interstate and have sold your house, but haven’t exactly found the right one interstate, you’re going to have to organise some type of storage plan. You have a few options when it comes to storage, but dependent on your personal circumstances. However it’s advised you properly look into storage options before the last minute, as you also need to consider prices etc.

storage 1

You storage options and circumstances:

If you looking at long term storage option for your furniture then you can seek out the option of a storage unit. This storage option is suitable for a few different circumstances.

-If you’ve cleaned out your house ready for moving but found you have a lot more furniture and items than you thought, this is perfect.

-Another circumstance could be that you’re only moving for a temporary amount of time and don’t require all your storage.  In this case this storage option can be the perfect option, just make sure you check out the security of the storage provider.

-Some people just don’t have enough room in the new house they’ve bought so they need permanent storage.

Or like most people who hire a removalist company, you can just make use of their storage service.

-Most removalist companies will have their own storage facility for the time period when you between houses, or offices. At a fee you can make use of these company owned facilities, so it depends on how much you’re willing to spend on a removalist company.

storage 2

All in all, your storage needs and requirements are going to differ to other people. You may have different personal preferences, and security ideas for your belongings, as well as a budget. Some people can get away without the need for storage during removals periods; however hiring a removalist company will probably be a bit easier in terms of organisation.  Make sure you thoroughly think about your storage needs ahead of time to ensure you’re not left palming furniture off to relatives.


Special Care With Furniture During Relocation

When you’re in the midst of moving office or home there are some things that need a little more care and thought. If you’re a large business then you are going to have many desks and office chairs. Alternatively if you’re at home there are many shaped pieces of furniture. Both scenarios require serious thought on logistics and safety. Furniture is heavy and so you need to make decisions on whether you are going to utilise friends, or make full use of a removals company.

furniture 2

Some things you need to consider:

Does your furniture fit through the exits of your office or home?

If you have all different types of furniture then it is likely that some pieces of furniture won’t be able to physically fit through exits as they are. You need reflect on how this furniture was placed into your property, and whether you need help with lifting. In some cases you will need a great number of people to help, as sometimes furniture will need to be lifted high into the air to get around tricky corners. Or in some cases you will need to dismantle furniture. If a lot of your furniture needs to be dismantled then make sure you work this out prior to organising a removalist. You don’t won’t to be left wasting time dismantling furniture when you finally realise it needs to be done, make sure you look at all your exits and furniture as soon as possible. Make sure you plan the way in which you’re going to get the furniture out of the house, measuring doors and exits.

How to wrap and pack your furniture: the procedure.

When attempting to wrap and pack your furniture you need to make sure you have both the right techniques and materials, otherwise you can risk some real damage to your more fragile furniture. Ensure you have materials like cardboard, bubble wrap, thick packing tape, and newspaper will be useful too. Blankets are often used to wrap your furniture also. You’ll also need some thick marker to make sure your labelling is obvious.


-Edges of all furniture such as tables, chairs, glass should be carefully wrapped and stuck with bubble wrap.

-All items should be then lined with flat cardboard boxes for maximum protection, which will need to be secured by strong packing tape.

-Glass needs extra care so wrapping this with more cardboard boxes and newspaper will help. Label these “fragile”.

-At all times where possible make sure you disassemble things and wrap separately, it will provide greater protection.

furniture 1

All movement of furniture will be taken care of by your removals specialist; however you should go to the effort of securing your furniture as much as possible before they arrive. It doesn’t hurt to be too careful.

What shouldn’t tag along to your next family home?

When you decide to sort through all your belongings when you’re moving house there isn’t room for extras. However there are some items that you aren’t allowed to take at all, and that a removalist won’t pack. Some items cannot be taken due to safety and some due to other reasons. It’s important that you research and find out if you can take certain items that you are sceptical about, or you may be caught out.


What are some of the items you can’t take with you?

Explosives, hazardous goods and combustibles:

These items are things you definitely can’t take with you when you move house, due to safety reasons. Most of them are self-explanatory and logical, so just have a quick reflection of these items.

–          Fireworks

–          Paint Thinners

–          Acids

–          Car Batteries

–          Weed Killers

–          Fuels

–          Chemistry Items

–          Liquid Bleach

–          Ammonia

–          Pool Chemicals



If you’re moving locally then you will desire to keep some of your un-used perishables, so make sure you take this yourself, you can’t get a removals company to take these. Get friends involved in helping you with these items. If you’re moving interstate or overseas, you obviously cannot take perishable items.


You also need to make sure of your valuables; you can refer to removing antiques in a previous post.


Why Rubbish Removal Needs A Strategy

Moving house means co-ordinating a long list of jobs and activities, many that will cause stress. However what we don’t realise before the packing up process is how much junk  has accumulated throughout the years. If you’ve only lived in your home for a short while then you may not have as much rubbish and also if you’re incredibly neat.  However almost every person or family that moves house are completely surprised at the amount of rubbish they have.

rubbish 1

Before you decide to pack the house there needs to be a few days set aside for sorting out your junk, from your necessities.  You should make sure you get a plan in place that can effectively separate your items, and here are a few ideas that may help you along.

What I can do to sort rubbish from the necessities…

Getting your rubbish sorted and your belongings means coming into the work with a clear strategy, and there are many ways you can strategise.

-One way you can sort this out is by clearing out one room to dump the rubbish into. If you clear out one room then you can then go through every other room and moved the rubbish easily to one central sport. You can save yourself confusion. If you pick a room closest to where rubbish will be removed then that also makes it a more efficient process.

– Another option is making the veranda or back porch the designated rubbish spot. As this leaves any mess from being inside you may like this option a little more.  However with this option you need to make sure that all your rubbish can all fit.

-You should designate an entire day, depending on how many people you have on board to help, on the garage or shed.  Usually the garage or shed is where most of our junk will end up, as this is the safe in between space between completely throwing out something, and keeping it.  In there you’ll be surprised at how many items are gathering dust and tangled in spider webs, old exercise equipment is a common feature.

-In order to get an efficient and stress free rubbish clean up completed there needs to be equal manpower to the actual number of items. If you live by yourself or with one friend, then you can easily split the workload. Families can make things a whole lot easier if every family member looks after the clean-up of their own room.

Your next step…getting the rubbish out of your house

Once you have sorted out all the belongings in your house, and have a firm idea of what needs to be removed, it’s time to call a reputable rubbish removalist. You’ll find a lot of removalist companies have a rubbish removal service, which is a great option. If you choose to go with a removalist company then for both the removals and rubbish then you only have to deal with one company, which will be a certain advantage. You need to create less work for yourself as possible.

rubbish 2

Packing up rubbish and getting the rubbish out of the way will be a process that is quite time consuming, make sure you strategise.

Making Sure Your Antiques &Valuables Are Safe During Relocation

One of the main concerns when moving house is the safety of our most precious belongings, such as our collectibles, antiques and electronics. If you want extra care taken to ensure your valuable belongings aren’t ruined when you move house then there are some methods which ensure maximum safety. However it’s impossible to prevent disasters from occurring sometimes, but we can fight this outcome. What you need to do is research, and conduct some calls.


What type of materials and packing resources can prevent disaster?

Available in selected stores and from your removalist company are high grade packing materials. Many different types of boxes exist, ones that a small and compact, for small antiques. Or you can get boxes that are sculpted exactly to fit in your beloved plasma television. It’s amazing what type of boxes you can find if you make the effort to hunt around. You can also find all sorts of bubble wrap that can line the boxes, a handy and very effective protective measure.

Your own wrapping measures are beneficial

You can easily find special wrapping tissue to cover all those small valuables that need extra padding. If you wrap all your small and medium belongings in tissue paper then you’ll prevent chipping or small cracks. Although tissue paper is won’t do the job if the item is pressed heavily or hit against a hard surface, it can still break. If you wrap your belongings in tissue and then place them in hard industrial boxes this may be the ultimate form of protection.

Labelling is a definite Must!

Unfortunately you can wrap your collectibles in the best material and tissue but still have the misfortune of a break. In order to keep your removalist on the ball and informed you should discuss in full what needs to be taken care of with special consideration. You must also label efficiently and succinctly. If you have correct labelling this can ensure your removalist is acutely aware.

Maybe just take the valuables in your own hands?

Probably the process that makes the most sense when looking after your valuables is to just take your small valuables with you during the move. Although large items are going to be a hassle, you can still ensure all those small valuables are in your own hands.

antiques 2

When you’re moving house it’s always going to be a stressful scenario, one in which you need to let go, and trust those around you. When it comes to your most valuable possessions you must take a few steps to ensure their safety.

For a highly experienced removal company, contact ES Removals today!

Travelling interstate? What You Need To Remember

Are you making the big move interstate? No matter how technologically advanced our world is becoming there are many ways in which the system can fail us, and usually it’s when we need things to stay together.

In order to properly prepare yourself for moving interstate then you really need to get your thinking cap on, and designate a time where you, and another person, can get together. It’s better to make a list of all the things that need to be considered when you have someone by your side. You are more likely to get a better list when you have another brain on the job.  However here are some things that will crop up.

packing boxes  2

What you need to consider before making the move…

Legal and paperwork:

When you move interstate, like if you move anywhere, you need to make sure you rectify your listed address.  Although it’s not a complex task it can still take a while for this to be processed, which means you need to get on top of this as soon as possible, or you could likely forget.

Cut down the load:

When moving interstate everything will cost more, so make sure you reduce costs at all corners. Included in your costs will be the transference of your belongings, so make sure you set aside time to go through everything. Travel through each room and sort out with your family what can be palmed off to relatives, or just simply taken to the tip.  You’ll feel a lot better about the move if you’re not being dragged down by unnecessary belongings.

Quarantine Issues:

Something people could miss when they’re organising an interstate move is the laws and regulations regarding the state borders. Quarantine differs slightly through the states in Australia so make sure that what your packing won’t come back to bite you. Although you are unlikely to have too much trouble with quarantine issues, it’s still better to play it safe and look over the restrictions.

Pack extra careful:

Make sure that you remember that because you are moving state the transit of certain items may be in danger, it’s just better to be safe. In order to prevent any of your items being damaged in transit make sure you ensure all fragile or loved items are safe in their boxes. You can never have too much bubble wrap.

Call a suitable removalist:

Of course, most people will remember to call a removalist, but make sure you closely research the services they offer. Calling a removalist that deals with interstate removals is fairly simple, but make sure you are contacting a company that does offer this service.

packing boxes

These are a few of the things you need to consider before moving interstate, but you’ll find as you go that more things will pop up. Remember that if you have pets you also need consider this important issue, you want your loved family pet handled with great care.

Moving house? Professional moving tools and Equipment.

When you decide to move house it’s an exciting, yet stressful scenario. You go from imagining your new house layout, to thinking about packing up your old house. Some of us have large items that are both heavy and awkward to move, this means you need to call in the professionals. If you want to ease the load on yourself, and your family, then the best way to move house is to use people who have the right tools to get your stuff packed away efficiently. Choosing to go at it alone can work for some residents but most likely you won’t have the industrial equipment to get everything sorted.

moving van

So what do the professionals use? What are the pieces of equipment that make their job look effortless? Your team of moving professionals will have standard tools and resources, but equipment can vary with every company.


Dollies and Hand Trucks:

When moving house a professional moving or removals company will have their own type of dollies or hand trucks, ones that can get all your heavy lifting swiftly onto the moving truck. Every dolly and hand truck will have its own weight category and wheels. As you know there are a variety of furniture pieces and belongings that will not suit one type of dolly.

Mattress Carts:

Like your dollies this type of removal equipment is built to make moving mattresses onto the moving truck. With the mattress cart around two mattress can fit, or more, depending on the style of cart.  In some cases professionals may not use these, as other equipment can complete this job.

Walk Boards:

As you can probably guess by the name, a walk board is simply the industrial strength platform which allows the workers to move your furniture from your house onto the trucks. Moving platforms will prevent any injuries or accidents, and there are many types.

Other tools and equipment include: crate carriers, trucks, general box types (some professionals will supply, some won’t).

Although it’s not necessary to go through all the equipment that a professional will use when your house belongings are being moved, it is sometimes good to know for peace of mind.  Knowing what your professional removals specialist is using will allow you to understand the removals process further.