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How to prepare a refrigerator for a move.

  1. Remove all contents from the refrigerator.

Make sure the fridge and freezer are free of ice, food, ice trays and ice packs. You don’t want any objects that can move around or cause damage or rattling about during a move.

Plan ahead of time and start eating all perishable items to avoid wasting food. 


  1. Remove all shelving, trays and drawers.

A lot of people miss this step but it is important. Not only will it make the fridge lighter and easier to move but will also stop the trays from cracking and needing replacing. You don’t want the first call you make from your new home to be to a fridge repair man.


Wrap each shelf in towels or bubble wrap and store in a box for moving.

If you don’t want to remove the shelves opt for sticky taping them in place for a smoother move.

  1. Unplug your refrigerator.

The day before the move unplug the refrigerator so it can warm up. This also gives the oils and fluids enough time to stop moving through the compressor. If your refrigerator makes ice automatically, ensure to disconnect the water too. Coil the power cord and tape it into a small bundle to avoid it getting caught on anything during a move or becoming damaged.

  1. Defrost the freezer.

If you have been putting off defrosting the freezer now is the time to do it. If you have a considerable amount of ice on the sides of the freezer ensure you leave a day or so for it to melt. Lay down towels and other precautions to catch the water as it drips. On the day of the move just give the freezer a last wipe down and again ensure there are no ice trays or shelves left inside.


  1. Secure the doors.

Shut the doors and secure them with rope, often removal professionals will have materials to aid with wrapping and packing but if you haven’t already sorted some packing products make sure you look into it yourself. Doors swinging open during a move is dangerous for removalists and can cause damage to the fridge or other items in the truck. If you have a double door fridge make sure the door handles are tied together for extra security.


Avoid using sticky tape or another tape that will cause residue to the fridge!

  1. Hire removalists.

Hire removalists or gather some friends to help with moving all heavy items and white goods. Moving a fridge takes at least 2 people – ensure you are lifting properly with your knees not your backs for a safe move.

Don’t lay the fridge down during a move. Keep it upright so the liquids inside don’t move around too much.


  1. Turn your fridge back on.

Once your fridge is in your new home and upright, leave it for 3 hours until turning it back on. Older fridges needed 12 hours to a day to settle before being turned back on but if your fridge was built after 2010 then 3 hours is plenty of time. When the fridge is off, insert all trays and drawers.


Turn the fridge back on after 3 hours and refill with food.

Note the fridge may take a day or two to reach the ideal temperature again.

If your fridge is not working as well as it used to or has stopped working all together it might just need a repair. Don’t throw it on the kerb just yet or hire a waste removal company call in a fridge repair expert and have your fridge cooling and freezing again in no time.

10 Things To Organise When Moving Home


Moving house and losing sleep over all the things you need to get done before the big move? Don’t stress! Here is a list of 10 things you can do to prepare for a move.

1) Get organised

Pack early – the week before you move get packing, before you say you need everything – you don’t. Books you have already read, coats when its summer, 10 of your 20 plates, linen you’re not sleeping in, all these things can be boxed up and moved. If you know how to drive, own a car and the move isn’t too far, start moving things across now. You will feel much better when things start to move smoothly. This also won’t make moving day as big and scary, half your possessions are already moved!

2) Change your address

Don’t wait till the last minute to change your address. It will probably take you a few days if not weeks to remember to change all your addresses so start right now. Bank statements, bills, eBay purchases, your dentist, friends and family – all these people need and want to know your new address. It will also help you to remember it.


3) Turn Off and Cancel Everything

Cancel you deliveries or have them go to your new address a few days before the move.  If you get the paper or subscribe to a magazine either cancel or change your address. The day of the move turn off the power, hot water, gas, internet and anything else that is costing you money.

4) Prepare Packing

A few weeks before your move start saving newspapers and collecting boxes for the move. If you are going back and forth a few boxes will do as you can unpack and repack as you go. A great idea to save you time and money is to wrap all glass wear and crockery in clothes and tea towels. Choose t-shirts, and singlets to wrap cups and use tea towels for plates. This eliminates the need for newspapers which can turn everything black and means a chunk of your clothes are packed too, two birds one stone!

packing boxes 2

5) What’s the Weather?

A few days before you move start checking the weather forecast. If you have already booked a removalist this shouldn’t be changed but if it looks like it is going to rain be prepared with umbrellas, tarps and towels. Have towels at the door so the removalist and anyone else helping out doesn’t walk dirt into your new home.

6) Heat Up.

Defrost your freezer and turn off the fridge. These should both be done at least a day before. Try to eat all perishables in the weeks coming up to a move and stop buying foods that need to be kept cool. There is nothing worse then wasting food or stressing about food melting during a move.



7) Pets!

This can be a tough one, both cats and dogs take a while to get used to their new surroundings. It’s a good idea if you can drive back and forth moving smaller items to take your pets with you. This way they can get used to the new house before you move. Try taking a few toys or a food bowl with you. This will help calm them down and be one less thing for you to drive across on moving day.

8) Removalist

Book and get to know your removalist. If you haven’t learnt to drive a car with a trailer or a truck then a removalist company is a must. Most can be hired by the hour and offer packing, unpacking, wrapping, assembly and disassembly services. Opt for just removals and relocation or for the whole package! Just know what they will do before they arrive. Time is money.


9) Get Everything

Triple check you have everything, check in every drawer and cupboard, look in the back shed, under the deck and in the laundry, then have someone else look. There is nothing worse then losing your possessions during a move!

10) Clean

Get prepared to scrub or hire a cleaner. If you are renting you definitely want your bond back and if you are selling – having a clean and fresh home will raise the price. Either be prepared to get down and dirty or look around for a bond back cleaner. They specialise in cleaning ovens, steam cleaning carpets and scrubbing bathrooms. All those jobs you might not want to do!  You may also need to look into skip bin hire if you have a range of hard rubbish to dispose of before moving in to your new place!

beyond clean 5

Lastly enjoy your new home and plan a house warming. Moving is hard, you deserve a party!

Down Time Before Moving:Storage

When you move house or even office, there is usually some down time, and for some people it can be longer than expected. If you’re moving interstate and have sold your house, but haven’t exactly found the right one interstate, you’re going to have to organise some type of storage plan. You have a few options when it comes to storage, but dependent on your personal circumstances. However it’s advised you properly look into storage options before the last minute, as you also need to consider prices etc.

storage 1

You storage options and circumstances:

If you looking at long term storage option for your furniture then you can seek out the option of a storage unit. This storage option is suitable for a few different circumstances.

-If you’ve cleaned out your house ready for moving but found you have a lot more furniture and items than you thought, this is perfect.

-Another circumstance could be that you’re only moving for a temporary amount of time and don’t require all your storage.  In this case this storage option can be the perfect option, just make sure you check out the security of the storage provider.

-Some people just don’t have enough room in the new house they’ve bought so they need permanent storage.

Or like most people who hire a removalist company, you can just make use of their storage service.

-Most removalist companies will have their own storage facility for the time period when you between houses, or offices. At a fee you can make use of these company owned facilities, so it depends on how much you’re willing to spend on a removalist company.

storage 2

All in all, your storage needs and requirements are going to differ to other people. You may have different personal preferences, and security ideas for your belongings, as well as a budget. Some people can get away without the need for storage during removals periods; however hiring a removalist company will probably be a bit easier in terms of organisation.  Make sure you thoroughly think about your storage needs ahead of time to ensure you’re not left palming furniture off to relatives.


Why Rubbish Removal Needs A Strategy

Moving house means co-ordinating a long list of jobs and activities, many that will cause stress. However what we don’t realise before the packing up process is how much junk  has accumulated throughout the years. If you’ve only lived in your home for a short while then you may not have as much rubbish and also if you’re incredibly neat.  However almost every person or family that moves house are completely surprised at the amount of rubbish they have.

rubbish 1

Before you decide to pack the house there needs to be a few days set aside for sorting out your junk, from your necessities.  You should make sure you get a plan in place that can effectively separate your items, and here are a few ideas that may help you along.

What I can do to sort rubbish from the necessities…

Getting your rubbish sorted and your belongings means coming into the work with a clear strategy, and there are many ways you can strategise.

-One way you can sort this out is by clearing out one room to dump the rubbish into. If you clear out one room then you can then go through every other room and moved the rubbish easily to one central sport. You can save yourself confusion. If you pick a room closest to where rubbish will be removed then that also makes it a more efficient process.

– Another option is making the veranda or back porch the designated rubbish spot. As this leaves any mess from being inside you may like this option a little more.  However with this option you need to make sure that all your rubbish can all fit.

-You should designate an entire day, depending on how many people you have on board to help, on the garage or shed.  Usually the garage or shed is where most of our junk will end up, as this is the safe in between space between completely throwing out something, and keeping it.  In there you’ll be surprised at how many items are gathering dust and tangled in spider webs, old exercise equipment is a common feature.

-In order to get an efficient and stress free rubbish clean up completed there needs to be equal manpower to the actual number of items. If you live by yourself or with one friend, then you can easily split the workload. Families can make things a whole lot easier if every family member looks after the clean-up of their own room.

Your next step…getting the rubbish out of your house

Once you have sorted out all the belongings in your house, and have a firm idea of what needs to be removed, it’s time to call a reputable rubbish removalist. You’ll find a lot of removalist companies have a rubbish removal service, which is a great option. If you choose to go with a removalist company then for both the removals and rubbish then you only have to deal with one company, which will be a certain advantage. You need to create less work for yourself as possible.

rubbish 2

Packing up rubbish and getting the rubbish out of the way will be a process that is quite time consuming, make sure you strategise.